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1337erated Guild!

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Leaving the guild May. 22nd, 2005 @ 02:51 pm
Eeek, like ong! Sazz is leaving? Noooo!

Yes, she is. She's looking for a guild with something nice to do. With activities.
I'm sorry about it. I tried everything. I've been the only one posting for ages.

And now I'm bored. I want an active guild.
It's okay =) You guys were, and still are the best! You can always still find me and some day I might even return.

Now onto the serious stuff. I'm on council. Second council. So there's someone who'll have to replace me. I vote that that'll be Scooby XP It's my opinion though, don't mind it too much.
I'll keep the layout on, don't worry, and in case you didn't notice yet, I put my name on it XP Don't worry, in size 5 so probably no one'll notice!

Love ya guys <3333 You're the best but I'm not, I'm not far as active as I've always been and I'm just wishing for a dazzling place to hang out now =) I wish you the best luck in the world keeping it alive.
[Edit] I left a little surprise behind =) I'd say you should enjoy it and have a good laugh about it ^^ Yeah, you should do that.

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New Contest! Mar. 25th, 2005 @ 01:41 pm
We've had the same icon for... a really long time. Since before Valentines day, I think. That's why we need a new one... It's almost April!

So, that's why there's a new contest- making the new logo. There's going to be a new layout right after Easter, so why not a new logo, too?

If you find a way to neomail the URL, neomail it to me (Dijon_19), Or Sazz (ch3rrycoke). Or, you can just reply to this entry.

Good luck, and thanks for participating!
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to let you know Jan. 27th, 2005 @ 05:39 pm
i have to apologise for not being active in the guild at the moment. im just going through a tough time personally, and i need to get my head sorted. hope you don't mind. :snugs: ill be back and ready when i feel like it, and im sorry if i bite anyones head off, its not you, its me. </3

Guild issues Jan. 16th, 2005 @ 09:05 pm
I'm not sure if it's okay if I (not being a council member) is posting here, anyway, I'll try to! =D

I understand we're having a lot of issues in the guild currently. Not only the "private or not" one, but overall.

PLEASE, don't give up! I started loving this guild and I don't want to say goodbye to it for another time, like when the guild started over.
If you think it should though, then do what you want. It would be such a waste though..

I personally think the issues are "not-very-active-members". Well.. Hello, this is a 24 member guild, what do you expect? I think it's pretty active actually. If you look at the guilds I've been in..
No, it's not like Soup Faerie Helpers when there was always someone to talk to, but SFH was a 10 k member guild.

To be honest, there IS no solvation. You could encourage everyone to post more. Would that help? No. You could do more fun activities. Would thát help? Yes, a bit. Just don't do it when people are, for example, away for holidays or having better things to do than hanging out on a pet site. You could also give prizes, for the most active member (Like Sammi said). That would also help. And, you could invite all of your outside-the-guild-friends on their main account, convince them to join.

Now, I think the true problem in the guild is that nobody feels like putting that effort in a, (just to be honest) dying guild. I know what you guys feel like and I am NOT going to blame YOU for this.

There is no easy solvation. A guild has to be resistant to time. If you give up now, you'll not be able to turn it back! Maybe I'm the only one who's REALLY against deleting it, but anyway, I REALLY want to try to keep it alive.

I suggest you to post when you get online. Then people can see by time if it's long ago..
I post everyday. I try to help. I help to fix the layout. I give you guys suggestions. I can't do any more, but I hope it helps a bit to reach the big thing =)
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Jan. 9th, 2005 @ 06:56 pm
Poll #415496 Making the Guild better

What do you think the guilds problems are at the moment?

What can we do to improve?

Please say. :D
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Poll #415468 Should the guild go Public?

Should the guild remain private or should it turn public?


» :)
If you would like to place your opinion on being private/public here, feel free! This is a post to let out our opinions on the matter. Discussions are always nice, and it's a great way to express yourself.

Just know that you shouldn't be afraid to say what you feel. No one is going to get angry at you, or think differently of you. It's just a guild anyway. It's not a life changing outcome. So don't let that stop you.

Let's just get this guild rolling!

Or, if you want a more private discussion, there's contact information on the guild website. http://www.freewebs.com/1337erated/councilinfo.htm So you can do it that way, too.

My original post in the guild asking for input.Collapse )

Because you have to admit, 5 votes with the choice of going public winning by only one person doesn't say much. At least to me it doesn't.
» y0y0y0.
I just wanted to say hi to all mah homies down at 1337erated. Ya'll r0x0rz off da hizzle.

-spreads high fives around-

yoyoyoooooooyo, DUDEZ!
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Author Message
No one listens...

01/08/2005 " Re: Birthday! "

Ive closed the poll.

Your questions answered:

What was the final result?
The final result was that there were 3 votes for Public, and 2 votes for Private.

So what does that mean?
:shrugs shoulders: if that is what the guild decided, then so be it.

"I didn't get to vote in the poll"...
Tough luck. The Poll was up for three whole days. 72 hours.

I don't believe you, I demand a recount.
Ive taken a screenshot of the final poll standings. if you don't believe me, and would like to see firsthand the poll results, you can email me @ promisedlove@gmail.com, and i will kindly send you the link to the image on my photobucket account.

Lauren | Merea meerpn00gle r0x0rZ: says Lauren
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[x posted to 1337erated and 1337_council ]
When we remade the guild, I only had ONE - ONE!!! - request: that was never to go public.

I don't want to see 1337erated becoming like all those other guilds, all about getting members.

That's NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why we created the guild. We created the guild so a group of close-knit friends could chat, and have fun. It wasn't about getting members.

So please. Before you go public, remember my only request, which you are already leaning toward defying. It was the ONLY thing I wanted from the new guild...

Ok... I've said my 2 cents. I hope everyone sees it.

{e} I overreacted too much. :/ I guess I thought a promise to me was going to be broken... and I didn't want that. Well.. I'm sorry. :( I'm going to step back. It's not my guild anymore, it's not my decision. You guys pick.

Good luck to 1337erated. <3
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